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For an over-the-phone price call (805) 268-7426. Or if you prefer, email me with a little info on your rooms that are affected and I can email your price. I would also be happy to come and look at your carpet and make a plan with you to get your carpet looking great with a minimum of fuss.

I am the expert in restretching carpet. Many homeowners have benefitted from my experience in carpet installation, and they often recommend me when someone needs carpet restretched.

Restoration companies also hire me to re-install carpet for their customers - and refer others directly to me to restretch their carpet because they know customers are happy with the results.

It is great to see homeowners' satisfaction when their carpet becomes much better looking than they thought it would. So bookmark me, write down my phone number or the name of this website, or even printout this page, so as you get all your furnishings in order you can get in touch with me, the expert in restretching carpet.

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